• international:

    Compiled from Tumblr’s international staff blogs, here’s the latest roundup of some awesome users from around the globe:

    Professional photographer Giulia Mazza discussed the beginnings of her career in photography, the worst and best locations on tour with her band in the US, and her side project on Tumblr, Promise Me Stuff!.

    French digital artist MobArt talked about his work in smartphone photography and painting.

    C.L. Salvaro shared his portfolio of installations and art in public spaces with us, as well as talking about how he came to be an artist.

    Graphic designer, and video game fan Tomek Drabik introduced his blog Sok z Mózgu Quaza and talked us through the making of his video reviews of games and films. 

    Happy reading and don’t miss our official New & Notable blog for more fresh Tumblr blogs from all over!

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