• Attention Freelancers: Pitch to Storyboard!

    If you’re reading this, you’re probably familiar with Storyboard — Tumblr’s site for feature stories about creators and creative work. Currently we publish one feature per day, and that likely will not change soon. However, as your erstwhile Department of Editorial expands to other projects, we’ve had less time for in-house reporting lately. Ergo, the ratio of in-house to freelance features on Storyboard is shifting steadily to favor the latter rather than the former.

    So: If you have an idea for a Storyboard feature, let us know. The Editorial askbox is now open for business to receive your pitches. As mentioned, we’re interested in features that focus on creative people and their work — artists, photographers, chefs, designers, game theorists, mechanics, writers, professional assassins, bloggers, et cetera. Anyone with a creative aspect to their avocation is potentially fair game. We are specifically not interested in non-human things like products (especially product releases), brands, companies, or other abstractions that cannot be grounded in flesh-and-blood people.

    Storyboard features are meant to be reasonably evergreen, so they’re usually independent of the news cycle (i.e. not meant to expire because the subject is “over” due to the passing of time). We use all the same tools as anyone else on Tumblr, so stories can be narrative text, photos, video, audio, or a combination of these.

    We pay for freelance work, so by all means pitch an idea or three if you’re interested. Let’s have some fun and do some work together.